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How do you extend that experience a global audience in their native language?

Is your C-Level staff demanding that you maximize investment in AEM by reaching the largest target audience possible?

Does your existing translation process cost too much and take too long to produce?

How do you ensure the translation of customer information and new product features occur in a secure environment?

SYSTRAN for Adobe Experience Manager provides...

1. Automatic Machine Translation

for sites, assets, forms, apps, and communities.

Automatic Machine Translation
2. Post-Edit the Machine Translation

to improve quality.

Post-Edit the Machine Translation
3. International SEO

to improve results.

International SEO
4. Rapidly Deploy Content

in your customer's native language and test new global markets.

Rapidly Deploy Content
5. Generate translations in a secure environment

for new product launches.

Generate translations

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SYSTRAN for Adobe Experience Manager

Getting Started

SYSTRAN for Adobe AEM will deliver...

Expand Global Footprint
Automatic Machine Translation

Reach new markets instantly with SYSTRAN's automated translation tools. Available in 50+ languages, you can provide content that is tailored to all of your customers.

Reduce Translation Costs
Post-Edit the Machine Translation

Traditional translation methods are expensive. Reduce costs with a tool that has unlimited throughput!

Increase Time-to-Market
Rapidly Deploy Content

SYSTRAN’s high performance and scalable architecture delivers fast translations, allowing you to provide localized content without having to wait.

Ensure Information Security
Generate translations

All translations occur in a secure environment! No need to worry about data leaks for confidential information, new product launches, trades secrets, or customer data.

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