Attivazione dei prodotti

SYSTRAN uses software activation as a protection feature in all products. Product activation helps prevent software piracy and ensures that you receive a fully functional software product when purchasing any of our solutions.

Product activation is an anonymous and secure process designed to promote only licensed use of software. Today most software installed on new computer hardware requires activation. Activation is a straightforward process. Automatic activation requires an internet connection but does not request or transfer any of your personal information.

Use of the product is determined by the software’s End User License Agreement (EULA) that you can find in your online help, or in the User Guide. Please review the EULA before activating the product to make sure you understand the terms of the agreement. Also, you have a limited number of possible activations of the product – if, for any reason, you have reached this limit and would like to activate your product, please contact our support team.

Product Activation, Manually online procedure

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